Tips for Novices – the Right Golf Drivers and Other Things

Learning some tips about golf is very helpful for a novice. Well, here’s one – just by changing your golf driver, your game will dramatically improve.

You’re probably thinking why that’s the case. You’re probably planning to find some facts about golf drivers. There’s no need for that. Just read on.

A golf driver is a type of wood club used for long-distance shots. Basically, players use golf drivers when they’re more than 175 yards away from the green. A golf club’s loft is what determines the trajectory and distance of a hit. A driver has the lowest loft among various golf clubs, which ranges from 7 to 12 degrees.

Golf driversRecent scientific studies on how golf should be played led to some interesting findings which fueled game-changing developments in the greens. Experts found that the longest dive shots are achieved by a high launch angle and a low spin.

A low spin is already easy to achieve with today’s new golf balls with solid cores. The only thing left to do would be to ensure a high launch angle. And golf drivers with higher-angled lofts do the trick. With these two combined, a lot of spins on the ball will no longer be such a regular part of the scenario. At least, that’s what many are hoping for to happen in their game.

Anyway, to properly follow this simple suggestion, you’ll have to do several things beforehand. First, you will have to change your 7-degree golf driver with one that’s rated at 10 degrees or more. That’s what experts recommend for non-pros – in most cases.

The next thing to do would be to find where to get a good high-quality and reasonably-priced golf driver. For a beginner like you who plays golf only as a hobby, don’t even think about spending a fortune for your equipment. After all, they only have to be functional – price isn’t that important.

Of course, novices don’t have a particular go-to store or brand for their golf equipment. Any golf equipment store will do as long as there are plenty of options. It also helps to scan the internet for guidelines in buying before hitting the store. That’s what a smart golfer would do. So, always to go to stores with a clear idea of what you will buy.

As a novice in golf, helpful tips from others who have been playing the sport for much longer are precious to you. Remember though, you could also get a golf instructor who will guide you in every step of the way. Still, if you could find instructions for a certain technique online, you might as well try it firsthand. If you see golf as a mere hobby, or if you aren’t even sure whether you’ll really play it for long, self-education isn’t a bad choice. With all things considered, it might even be the most appropriate choice.

In relation to that, it’s important to answer one question – Is golf really a rich man’s sport. That may have been the case in the past, but with today’s world that hold very minimal boundaries in almost everything, golf is for everyone. Expensive and exclusive clubs may still be thriving with their steep membership fees, but many are open for the masses. Some even have equipment and outfits for rent.

So, what’s stopping you from playing golf? Grab a few golf clubs and invite some friends who also want to try the popular sport. And yes, don’t forget to get golf drivers with 10-degree angles or more. Once you accomplish that, you’re really on your way to conquering the greens.

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