Universal Accessory, Great Invention

Inventions and products become revolutionary when they change society. When the airplane was invented, it revolutionized public transport. Cross-country or intercontinental travel that once took days and months were shortened to mere hours because of this revolutionary travel invention. The airplane is a great invention, but nonetheless, an invention that catered only to one market.

Neck LanyardsOther inventions revolutionized not only one kind of product but several others too. For example, the printing machine not only helped the publishing of books, it also enabled the production of a daily newspaper. It catered to the needs of budding authors. Another example is the aerosol can. Its product use is so diverse that it can be utilized for industrial things such as insecticides and glass cleaners, or something more personal like hair sprays and perfumes. The kind of product that can be used for many varying purposes is definitely a great one; the neck lanyard is an example of such.

The conception of the neck lanyard is pretty simple. It is obviously a string made for utilitarian purposes, specifically for holding objects. It started as an equipment of military men. It was then used for riding horses by those in the cavalry. It was not solely made to be worn around the neck, much like neck lanyards. Some could be held by hand or could be attached to another object such as a bag. The neck lanyard arose when there was a need for it, namely during the 20th century. It had an industrial and military use, but even when it transitioned to something lighter, it did not outgrow its original uses. This is one of the reasons why it is an excellent invention – simple, but nonetheless good.

Another mark of the lanyard’s effectiveness is its usability in different kinds of products. It is like the printing machine that not only helps book publishing, but also allows for newspapers, handouts, magazines, and the like to be made. As mentioned earlier, lanyards can be used in the military for holding pistols and grenades. Nowadays, neck lanyards can be utilized in holding phones, badges, identification cards, bag holders, wires, USBs, and many more. Now, the difference with the publishing machine and the neck lanyard is that the publishing machine has a material that must be available in all of its products, paper. In the neck lanyard’s case, it does not have to be made of plastic like an identification card. It does not need to have microchips like those found in a phone. This is one of the reasons why it is a good invention, its scope surpasses many things.

Another recognizable invention is the automobile. It is also customizable in a way that the buyer can choose the type of seat material, engine, and color of the car. However, it is also very expensive to purchase, customize, and maintain. Neck lanyards are similar in a way that they can be customized in terms of material, design, and the like. The only difference is that these accessories are cheap and can be mass produced. This is why it has attracted a number of clients ranging from groups and companies to individuals.

There are plenty of good inventions out there. Some are complicated, some are old, and others are expensive. Of course, there are simple inventions too. The neck lanyard is an invention that falls under simplicity and utility. One doesn’t have to spend much to buy or make it, but the accessory offers a huge return of investment. Some people are able to use their neck lanyards to hold everything they need! And that’s the beauty of it.

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